“Success Story” – A note from a client

“My coach is Alicia Marie Fruin of People Biz, Inc.  She is absolutely amazing!  I have grown so much (both personally and professionally) since beginning her program at the beginning of the summer.  This is, without question, the BEST investment I have made in my business and myself!

I found her through some business associates (in separate firms) whom I had seen dramatically improve their businesses and asked them what they were doing differently.  I checked out her website and listened to a podcast of a sample coaching session.  I was impressed, and scheduled a free trial coaching session with her.

It wasn’t what I expected–honestly, I didn’t quite know what to expect.  But, Alicia was able to help me sort through my conflicting priorities, overcome obstacles, and focus on the most productive course of action.

As a result, I am executing a solid, workable plan for moving my business to the new, expanded space.  (I was overwhelmed by that before I started coaching.) Plus, I have more balance in my life, time for my family, and I’ve even improved my health and well-being and lost a little weight.

I have become a huge proponent of coaching in the process.  If you are “thinking about it”, you probably already know you need it on some level.  Whether you choose to work with Alicia, or someone else, PLEASE make sure the person you hire is liscensed and trained.  They can do a whole lot of damage if they’re not.”

– Lisa Gaynor, President of Design It With Consignment