Ask an Expert, Brian Walters – Attorney at Law, “I Own a Business…Now What?”

I own a business …now what?

Join Alicia Marie as she interviews Brian Walters – Attorney at Law on September 15th at 4pm CST.

Alicia Marie will ask the basic questions all business owners have such as: What do I do when I am starting a small business ? What are my options? DBAs, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and partnerships, and the differences between them? What should I know about selling my business in the future? Should I bring on a partner? Should I trade mark my logo? Should an attorney approve my employee contract? What protections should I have as an employer?

Mr. Walters is the founding member of Walters Dunn, PLLC. His practice focuses primarily on business and bankruptcy law. He has practiced extensively in the areas of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate organization, corporate governance, securities offerings, conversions, domestication of foreign business entities, and corporate reorganizations. Mr. Walters is a published author in the area of professional business entities.

Mr. Walters also works with consumers and businesses in bankruptcy reorganizations and liquidations. This includes debt reorganizations, creditor/debtor negotiation, mechanics liens, real estate and personal property foreclosures, and debtor/creditor asset protection.

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 at 4PM CST.

Call (512) 989-2230 or send an email to to register. 

To join session, dial  (724) 444-7444, call ID: 64981, pin #1.  No cost to attend. Reserve your space today!


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