How to be “Coachable”

So, you finally decided to give coaching a shot. Good for you! I have noticed that the issue with choosing to get a coach or not has more to do with trusting yourself to really leverage coaching, than the issues of time or money.

Here are some ways to make sure you get what you came for.

• Work with your coach to articulate exactly what you want- be specific. If this is difficult, on an ongoing basis hone your coaching goals with your coach until they are very sharp, distinct and measurable. Do not move to strategy or plans until this is clear.

• The conversation should be 80% you talking and 20% coach talking. However, let your coach guide the conversation. In other words stop on occasion and let the coach ask some probing questions. Let go of control.

• Do not tell stories; we do not need the whole story to coach you. This can really drain the time away from a session. We need to know what you want, why you want that and what are the barriers.

• Practice making your point in the coaching conversation.

• Suspend and let go of judging yourself, your results and your coach. Curiosity, creativity and unprecedented results occur in an environment of “no judgment”.

• Be willing to be uncomfortable and think outside the box.

• Coaching is a process, not a one time deal. The momentous process of engaging in a provocative conversation over and over is what creates the break through result. Stay committed to the process, it works.

• In coaching focus on “who you are being” as well as “what you are doing”.

• Maintain the integrity of the relationship. In other words:

1. Keep your word and acknowledge breaking your word when you do.

2. Let your coach know if conversation or process is not working for you.

3. Turn in your promised deliverables; they record and maintain the structure of your program.

4. Stick to your coaching schedule as much as possible.

5. Clear the deck; remove all distractions.

6. You are 100% responsible for 100% of your goals, action plans & results. Your coach is not there to blame or give credit to.

Listen to some actual coaching calls here!


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