ICF Global Coaching Client Study

Enjoy reading  this insightful and well done survey. The main purpose of the ICF Global Coaching Client Study is to generate a broad scope of reliable data on those individuals who have experienced professional coaching and the results they achieved from it. More specifically, the key questions this study is designed to answer are: 

􀂅 What is the demographic profile of coaching clients?

􀂅 What are the characteristics of the coaching experience?

􀂅 Why do clients seek coaching services?

􀂅 What does the decision making process for choosing a specific coach look like?

􀂅 What are clients’ perceptions of the industry and the service it provides?

􀂅 How do clients evaluate their experience?

􀂅 How are clients benefiting from the coaching experience?

􀂅 What is the return on investment (ROI) from coaching?

Click here for report link


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