Leading Change -Second Session

Another great session yesterday. I introduced the concept that leadership is a mental and emotional state versus practices or behaviors. We explored how to identify when we are in a leadership state or in a normal state.  I am blown away by how much I am learning from the participants.

Our normal state is to be self-focused, comfort centered, externally motivated and distracted by outside influence.

The issue with this is that the world is always changing, we are always changing. Each moment, each day we are actually in some type of change and growth. Something is being born and something is dying.  We are always receiving signals that something has changed in our external world and that we should adjust to the change. In the normal state, we will all ignore or deny these signals. Typically, we start adjusting when something significant has happened and often, it is a crisis. When you are in the “state of leadership” you see and adjust to signals faster and with more clarity because you are present and on purpose.  

A leadership state is internally directed, people focused, purpose centered, present and supremely creative.

Someone in class saud it best “oh, when I am afraid of failure I am in my normal state” . brilliant!


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