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April 21, 2009

Leading Change Program Started

Wow, we had our 1st of 15 sessions today. We have 8 participants in the program; they are all already successful and talented leaders. I am inspired by how enthusiastic each of them their willingness to transform their leadership ability for the benefit of others.


I want this program to ultimately give back to the people we lead, like our employees, family and community. It is a very high level dialogue with assignments each session.  The program will make participants stretch, cause them to be uncomfortable, and have them look at how they operate in the world. The program is 5 months -15 phone sessions. 


Not everybody could be accepted in this program. This was an application process. The application reflected the importance that participants already have some leadership experience and ability. I asked myself four questions.   

1. What will this person bring to the conversation about leadership, change and personal growth?

2. What will this person likely do with what they get?

3. Who will they likely impact?

4. Can this person fully commit to the program? 


Why I launched the program


Starting last November, I was struggling with some big losses business and personal. I was experiencing alot of emotions of fear and grief and yet still having to walk into my office each day. I thought “how do I stand for what’s possible and lead others through their own stuff?” In addition, with my clients, the emotions were so raw and the business issues so much more dramatic than usual. I knew that if I didn’t dig deep and get myself handled that I would get too entrenched in the “stuff” of my clients which would render me powerless and ineffective as a coach.


I was doing all the usual self care stuff exercise, diet, friends but I knew it was not enough.


So I played with what worked, I experimented with how to stay powerful and present, how to stay real. I watched myself transcend emotion and be conquered by it. I paid deep attention to my emotions in a way I think I never had before. I let myself be human and I wrote this program leading change.


We are going to have conversations about what’s authentic, leadership, integrity, power, managing change, emotional intelligence which includes understanding yourself and others, vision and effective communication.


We will often be talking about ourselves yet this program isn’t about them , it’s about those that they lead. Who’s watching?   


We started first session with stating who we are and what we want from the program for ourselves and others.


Their homework is an anonymous leadership assessment tool that they are sending to their sphere to get feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. 


Next session we discuss leadership and what it is. 

Stay tuned …I will update you on their progress and what I am learning from leading this leadership program.


Alicia Marie Fruin


April 21, 2009

April Coaching Tip: Why All This Talk of Coaching?

For years, there have been managers. Why now the change to a coach? The two main reasons are:

 * Global Competition

* Technology

Issues cannot continue to be passed up the ladder, sometimes taking days for a decision. Decisions need to be made quickly because the consumer today is more demanding. Thanks to technology, information is now easily available to us, and there is lots of it. With all the information available today, the manager can no longer be expected to have all the answers.

On the other hand, in a coaching role, you are not expected to have all the answers. In a coaching role, you ask the questions and rely on your staff, who become the experts, to provide the information. The result of global competition and the increased information is that managers now must become coaches. A job description of a manager… “Controls, directs and supervises the day to day operations.”

A job description of a coach would be… “To lead, motivate, create a vision, and teach staff the skills needed to empower them to help make us a successful and profitable company.”

A real difference in the two job descriptions!

“You cannot manage men into battle. You manage things; you lead people.” — Grace Murray Hopper

What happens if managers and companies do not change? They will not survive. They will not attract the talent they need as employees no longer will conform to complying with the orders issued by managers. Today’s employees are more educated and need to see the whole picture and more importantly feel as if they have an impact on the whole.

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Alicia Marie Fruin

Certfied Business Coach