What is Business Coaching?


As a small business owner, entrepreneur or salesperson business coaching could be the catalyst you are looking for!


What’s a business coach? A business coach engages and facilitates focused dialogue. We challenge, inquire, cajole, inspire, provoke, offer support, and collaborate with our clients on their business issues. Occasionally we give advice and consult a client when it is an area of expertise. Most of the time however, it is not about the coach’s wisdom. It is about the client’s wisdom. Coaches believe that the client has the answer.

Our coaches are skilled at eliciting conversations that have you take action in areas where you have previously been stuck or stopped. In these conversations you will start to see things from a different perspective.

Coaching highlights and enhances what you can readily achieve when given the right support!

How Does Business Coaching Work?

During a coaching session you have the opportunity to stand back and look at your business from an objective point of view with the guidance of a skilled business coach.

Our coaches are trained to operate from what is right and what is working versus what is wrong and needs to be fixed.

This perspective leaves you empowered and challenged to take the next logical step in your business.

What issues can be addressed?

Vision for Business
Business models
Sales-Marketing strategies
Managing employees
Communicating with ease
Personnel issues
Trouble shooting areas for improvement
Getting successful systems and structures in place


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